Electroplating & Metal Coating

From the Initial concept design, to execution and final handover, we are equipped to provide all your Electroplating and Metal Coating needs. Whether Small or Big we ensure high standard and a quality of excellence in all our works.

Scopes of Work (Electroplating and Powder Coating):

Any Metal or Steel Surface (including:

_Washroom Amenities
_Electrical Connectors
_Rack plating
_Strips )

Applications of Electroplating
#1. Forms a protective layer– One of the most important applications of electroplating is that it helps the plated parts to last longer and less frequent replacements. It also helps the metal to hold up the extreme conditions.

#2. Improves appearance– This is one of the most useful applications of electroplating that helps make products more appealing aesthetically. Jewelers can sell products that look like pure gold or other precious metals at a much lower price.

#3. Minimizes friction– This is one of the valuable applications of electroplating. It helps to improve performance and reduces friction to a large extent.

#4. Prevents whiskers formation – This is one of the prominent applications of electroplating since it reduces the damage caused by shorts and arcing in electrical components and parts caused by whiskers.

#5. Improves durability – Plating helps the metal surfaces to become less susceptible to damage when dropped or struck and, thus, increases the lifespan of the metal.


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