Who Need A Daddy

The Power of Submission lies not in the ability to kneel before another, to give over one’s body or in the wearing of a collar.
The power of Submission can be found only in the heart of one who gives her Love to another freely knowing what joy and Pain will come of it.

I am a Daddy with considerable experience of looking after, guiding and teaching those who seek a mature father figure in their life that they can serve, respect. Look up to and devote them to. I am very loving and caring and also very tactile and so you will receive the attention and love and security that you crave and need.

About your Daddy:
:I Will stimulate your mind, body and soul, I will make you feel safe and protected, you will be nurtured, guided, accepted.
I’m patient and kind, supportive and encouraging, reliable and understanding. I have the ability to be strong and firm, but gentle and loving. Also comforting. Do you want to be cherished and adored, and want your submission to bring as much to my life as my dominance brings to your life. You MUST be above the age of 20 to enjoy this wonderful relationship.