The Masks in Dubai

That is the trouble in dubai everyone is having masks, for you may have been around and seen with even removing one mask there is another under it, and there is no more of aliving character there.

I would say I am a sweet gentleman, not just by my own measures but by other’s too as well, I am adventurous but I am mature and calm. There is a beauty in silence as well as speech. I am not looking for quick thrills or even thinking of it, for I have only addressed you since I noted your hunger for a piece of reality.

I can be totally honest with you, and I can be very understanding and supportive. As long as you are not on the wrong path which if you were I would advise you to steer out of it, or help you out of it, but not force you out of it.

I want to touch your soul and see the escnse and deep compents of your feminity, I want to have you as my guitar and try your strings and listen to your beautiful music, as well as hear your angry ones, if I hit the wrong ones, and feel the sad ones if I hit a note too deep, I would not mind seeing your tears but I will see to it you smile quickly afterwards and I would never be a reason for them…

If there is anything I have missed please do tell me..