Seeking the submissive part of you read it

I would think of it as a fruit buried in you as I smile at you, My eyes dare you, My eyes capture you, My eyes melt you, I whisper soft things in your ear and draw you near perhaps with a soft whisper of dear, my soft palm and fingers around you as I play with your hair, I stare at you, I behold you in My glance, I whisper to you are you in My trance, I talk you, tell you that I am here for us, , then I ask you if you been disciplined before.

I watch your heart skip a beat and ask if you want to hear more, I tell you that this is the door, just reply and later W/we would never bore, as I assure I am discreet to the core, my fingers hold your shoulders I tell you that you have such a form, and My arms surround you as I whisper I would adore you, do you have that innocence of a girl, want to be led, or will you march with me sure, your passion would be fed, a tug on your hair and more whispers in your ear for sure about you I would care…

The true question is would you dare?

Come on give road to your other side..