Lookingfor a Daddy in your Life?

Even the most together young woman sometimes needs a Daddy in her life, and not like your real one. Having a Daddy isn’t about incest and hopefully your relationship with your real father has been terrific, but adult life is hard, frustrating and full of worries at times.

A Baby Girl sometimes needs a mature man who makes all those troubles melt away. She wants to feel vulnerable and yet safe and adored. She wants a Daddy who can be her confidant, mentor and teacher. A connection is formed unlike any other, one where she can let down her defenses and escape into the comfort of her Daddy’s knowing arms. In those arms, her vulnerability takes on a new life. She has the sensuality of a Baby Girl and the needs of a very adult woman. Her emotions and personal needs can be expressed and transformed in very sexual and naughty ways.

She needs her Daddy’s permission and guidance. She wants to be the most treasured person in her Daddy’s life and her heart sings when she does things that meets Daddy’s demonstrative approval. Being his “Good Girl” means everything to her and she is Daddy’s adoring little Princess. Being a true Baby Girl isn’t some one time older / younger fantasy play date. It means much more than that, it is a nexus of mind and body.

I post today seeking that special little girl? Do you desire to have a special Daddy in your life? If you are over 18, looking for a relationship between consenting adults and not a sugar daddy or sugar baby relationship, please contact me. Daddy is fit and in good shape and expects his Baby Girl to be in the same. Race of age is not relevant as long as there is connection and you’re over 18.

It all starts with you sending me an email to tell Daddy all about his Baby Girl. Be sure to change the subject to “Connect” so Daddy can sort out the spam.

Thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.