British Pakistani willing to marry any Arabic female (move to London)

Not quite sure if many people read these pages but I will put my ad up here just in case.

I am a London-born Pakistani guy willing to marry any Arabic female who wishes to settle down in the UK/London.

I find certain types of Arabic female very attractive (very dark hair/light skin/curvy body) and I’m willing to marry one who seeks to move abroad. You get something and I get something – we both win!

This ad is NOT directed at Gulf Arab females (no reason for you to move) but Arabic females working there: maybe Egyptian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Lebanese, Iraqi and so on…

The person who replies to this will probably be someone like a bar girl or dancer or other type of hotel worker. I’m not a rich person, but I can still marry you so you can live in London.

This is how it would work: I come to the UAE a few times (or your home country), stay with you, get to know you, I go back to London then we marry here or in UAE/your home country. Then I bring you over to the UK and you live with me here.

I’m open to a long-term serious marriage with kids or just temporary non-serious to help you move abroad – then we divorce. Its up to you really.

I can only help ONE female. The type of Arabic females I’m attracted to are very narrow: aged 18-40, dark hair with very light brown or very pale skin, dress size 8-16, preferably nice curvy body. (Like the girl in the pic above)

Me: Age 32. London-born Pakistani (UK national), dark hair, light skin, short height 5’5. Pic is above. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs. Sunni Muslim background. Don’t care if you drink or smoke though.

You must have your own place in the UAE/in your home country, or at least somewhere we could go to spend time in private.

If interested please message me. If you’re not interested but know someone who might be, please pass this ad on to them. Thanks!