Are you married,….!

It begs the question why are you here? Is it like the rest of us? Are you voyeuristically checking out the world of singles, or perhaps you have also trawled the casual ads? They read like a Wiki list of fantasies you did not know existed? Not very loving are they?

Or perhaps you are like me, married, loved and happy – ish. However if I am really honest I miss the passion and discovery of the new. Do you also long for desire and to be desired? I know I do. I want to feel the surge of excitement of new pleasures and I want to fan the embers of passion that have long since dulled. Don’t you? Isn’t that why you are here?

Or are you just looking? Imagining what it would be like to be free to explore new horizons, rediscover passions lost or simply just to feel wanted? I do, that’s why I have stopped looking and decided to ask… do you like the idea of meeting a white, good-looking, slim, professional man? You are still here… reach out email me even if it’s just the idea you like you won’t find out what would have happened if you don’t x