African Congo Grey Parrot Fertile Eggs on sale

52 AED

Back at the Congo Basin Aviary we collect about 4 fresh fertile African Congo Grey parrot eggs each day from the Clutches the breeder pairs we have back at the Basin. We DNA test and candle light test all fertile collected before incubation for transportation and hatching. We transport all fertile eggs ordered for hatching with our auto regulated incubators of different sizes depending on the number of fertile eggs you will be able to hatch and rear. We also provide DVD videos and handbooks for those will to hatch their own fertile Grey parrot eggs for their first time which will help guide them hatch and rear their hatchlings with a 100% success. If you want to hatch fertile Grey parrot eggs then you are at the right address contact us now for reservations.

Advertizer: Dr. Tene
Address: Congo Basin